Monday, December 29, 2014

Singh's Cafe Wellesly

I decided to forego my normal Monday Indian lunch at Punjab in Arlington for a road trip to Singh's Cafe in Wellesley for their lunch buffet. Kind of a hike but it's a beautiful day for a drive and the gas is cheap. Well, the gas is always cheap here having lived where you pay about $7/Gallon, but it's currently cheaper than usual now. Thanks to keeping my eyes open and getting out of the way, I didn't get stopped for speeding, but the car ahead of me did.

The custom made tables are really nice with beans and spices below the glass top.

Big enough buffet to satisfy both vegetarians and the rest of us. The first dish is the Tandoori Turkey, and it's one of my favorites despite containing turkey. Moist and flavorful and it's one dish that always seems to be on the buffet.

Mixed Dal was really good, potatoes cooked in spices, Potato cake, fish, the turkey and okra. Least favorite was the okra, too mushy for me. Everything else was really delicious, nothing is really spicy, but everything is well seasoned and super flavorful. Best dishes were the mixed dal and the potato cake, so that was my choice for seconds.

The naan is included and cooked fresh and is unfortunately really really tasty and very light and comes out brushed with butter. I try to stay away from the bread so I can eat more of the good stuff, but here I must have at least one piece of naan. All of this for $9.95.

Interior in this basement restaurant is really nice, comfy chairs and it's also nice and bright. I'm glad I got here early because they got really busy really quickly.

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