Friday, December 26, 2014

WooRi Arlington

Back for some more Korean delights at WooRi in Arlington on a beautiful sunny day.

Today's banchan had some interesting items notable was top right, eggplant (yum) and middle bottom, apple! The apple one was really interesting, a bit sweet and spicy and I really liked that one..

Lunch Special combo ($11) with the potato balls as a side. I didn't expect the Pork Kkass (fried pork cutlet) to be very exciting and it wasn't really and it was also way overcooked and dry. Not even the dipping sauce helped with that. The potato balls was also a bit over fried, but that just made them a bit crispier, so that was OK. The salad was a coleslaw type, and it was fresh with a very mild dressing.

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