Friday, January 2, 2015

Blue Ribbon BBQ Arlington

I was going to go to Masa in Woburn, but they only served from the brunch menu despite it being a Friday and since they can't scramble eggs nor soft poach them I passed and went to Blue Ribbon BBQ in Arlington instead.

I knew from their Facebook page that the Kale Soup ($4.99) was on and it's an excellent soup filled with kale and chicken cooked in the smoker and served with cornbread. The cornbread was, of course, a corner piece and it's really good. The bottom half of the cup is filled with their excellent mashed potatoes. This is a nice and light lunch.

Interior is small with a few tables and the window seats. The smoker is back in-house, so everything is cooked here. They have a really nice selection of BBQ sauces.

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