Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mandarin Reading

Sometimes you just want some chicken wings, so I went to Mandarin in Reading for their lunch buffet ($12.50).

Their Sushi offerings used to be fairly decent but today there was only a few pieces of Red Snapper Nigiri and the fish was very chewy!, and I have no idea what the Maki was, I think one had sweet potatoes in it. Salt and Pepper Shrimp with the shell on is fine if the shell is crisp enough to eat, but it wasn't so it was like eating shrimp wrapped in Glad Pack.

Appetizer round. The Shumai was dry and rubbery, the Chives Dumplings had a nice crust but were very bland. The chicken wings were fine, no complaints there but I wish they served them already cut up, so I don't have to rip it apart.

Almost none of the entrees was appealing, the Orange General Gau's Chicken was stringy and overly sweet, and lacked spiciness. Rainbow Pork was uneven with some pieces being really chewy. This was my last visit, not worth the money and the food are really sub par now. $12.50 will get you a really good dish at a quality Chinese restaurant. I can get half a roasted duck for the same amount at China Star in Lowell and what a feast that would be.

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