Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cafe Escadrille Burlington

It's St Patrick's Day and one of the few places that honor that day with Irish food is Cafe Escadrille in Burlington, so that's where I went for lunch today. The day started out gray and rainy, but the sun actually popped out after lunch.

I decided to go with the Irish Boiled Dinner ($16.95) with smoked pork shoulder since I have a Corned Beef Brisket cooking Sous Vide at home for dinner. 10 hours at 180 will make a perfect one. This was nice with all the veggies cooked nicely and not overcooked, and the pork shoulder was OK. Of course, all the veggies needed seasoning. I also got soda bread in addition to the normal roll. The roll has also improved and was nice and flaky. There were martinis being slurped down all around me! Things are happening here, and they now do a Sushi lunch and dinner Wed to Sat and are also offering sushi classes.

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