Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Zoe's Somerville

Zoe's Chinese Restaurant in Somerville was closed for a while last year after the facade fell down but are now open again. I had a couple of places to check out in the area so I decided to visit for lunch today. I remember this place from when it was Chef Lee's and I miss his tea smoked duck.

I had heard good things about their Ma Po Tofu ($8.25) and decided to try it and ordered it extra spicy, it was extra spicy and I give them credit for that. Not sure if there were any actual Sichuan peppercorns involved, couldn't smell any nor did I see any but apart from that it was delicious. You also get a spring roll and it was nice and light with mostly soft cabbage inside. You also have a choice of soups with the lunch specials and the H&S soup was also very tasty. I might be back to try some of their noodles soups.

Gone is the dark interior from Chef Lee's days and now it's a light and airy place that seemed to do a brisk lunch business and a fair amount of takeout. As a bonus, you get a 5% discount for paying cash.

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