Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pho Dalat Lowell

I was going to Simply Khmer for some soup and wings but their hours have changed, and they are now closed on Mondays and open at 4:00 PM on Tuesdays. I thought they were open 24/7 but guess not. Driving back to the highway I noticed Pho Dalat, and I remember visiting them a long time ago, so I stopped for a lunch visit. Turns out that they now have three locations, the newest is just off the big Chelmsford Rotary where a plethora of restaurants has died.

This is a Vietnamese restaurant, so some Pho is in order. This is a medium #18 Beef Noodle Soup ($7.95) with tendon, well-done flank, brisket and tripe. The fresh basil was a bit limp, but the beansprout was fine, and you actually got the advertised chili peppers on the side. The broth was really good, dark and really rich and all the meats were tender. The tripe was overcooked and lacked crunch, and only one piece of tendon but that piece was beautifully cooked. This was a really decent Pho.

Interior is nice and open with waitresses in uniform. From what I could see, there was a lot of Pho being consumed.

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