Monday, February 1, 2016

Chettinad Grill Burlington

I haven't been to Chettinad Grill Burlington in for a while, so it was time for a revisit to their lunch buffet today. BTW, they are now closed on Tuesdays.

Since I haven been here for a while, they brought out a complimentary Mango Lassi. Unfortunately, I don't like yogurt, but I tried it three times, and it had a really nice mango flavor but no go.

The Spinach Pakora was excellent, light and crispy. The Masala Vada had a very good flavor, and the Sambar soup was really good, thick and spicy.

The second trip to the buffet ($10.95) yielded their excellent Tandoori Chicken, Chicken-65 was spiced well and tender. The Fried Rice was really good with some crunchy cabbage mixed in. Yam and Peas Masala were both spicy and really delicious. Surprise dish of the day. The spinach was tasty and, so was the chickpeas that were cooked really nicely. Their buffet offerings are always really well spiced, and they don't hold back the heat either.

You get either a whole Dosa or a half one depending on who is waiting for one. It had the traditional potato filling that needed some salt, but the dosa itself was excellent and really tasty.

They now also offer Chai tea as part of the buffet.

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