Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Porch Wakefield

When The Porch in Wakefield announced this morning that today was Wing Wednesday, my lunch plans was all set.

The smoker was going full tilt on the outside. This is a good way to attract customers especially since they are next to the train station.

Here they are! "Hickory smoked, whole wings with your choice of lip smackin' honey BBQ sauce or tangy Alabama white sauce. $1.75 each (includes tax)!". I ordered one of each and the wings itself had a really nice smokey flavor and was cooked nicely. The honey bbq sauce was excellent and to my surprise, spicy. However, the winner was the Alabama white sauce. I have only heard about this and it was nice to get to try it. Very tasty and I really liked it and when they do this again, try it. Another winner was their Mac & Cheese. Creamy, cheesy and well seasoned with perfectly cooked pasta. No wonder this is becoming a signature dish. You can now also buy the fried chicken by the piece and the same for the pulled pork. A seriously good lunch would be the Mac & Cheese and a piece of dark fried chicken and that would be very reasonable priced as well.

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