Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Saltbox Kitchen Concord

We finally got a nice and warm day, so I decided that short road trip was in order and headed out for my long awaited visit to Saltbox Kitchen in Concord. It's actually in West Concord and just down the street from that other farm to table restaurant. It's run by chef, and now a farmer, Ben Elliott that has worked at some of Bostons most famous restaurants.

It's located on Main Street in West Concord and there is only (expensive) metered parking available. The parking meters have a feature that I haven't seen anywhere else, there is a button that gives you 12 free minutes, pretty neat if you are just doing something quick.

Everything I have read about this place mentioned the lack of tables and seating but I found that there was a good amount of seating available including window counters. The open kitchen can be seen in the back.

They now have some Large Plates on the menu that looked really interesting but $20 for the Portuguese Braised Octopus was a bit too steep for me. I suggested that they should serve smaller portions for lunch but she said that the serving wasn't that big. So I settled for the Walden Local Knockwurst (12). "Local knockwurst, housemade sauerkraut & mustard." A bit expensive but boy, was this delicious! The bread was super fresh and the knockwurst was juicy and tasty with a mild but very interesting whole grain mustard. The sauerkraut was probably the best I have had. The salad was tasty with a very sharp dressing and it turned out to be baby kale (I had to ask). Another very pleasant lunch with a very nice cruise down the backroads. I might have to save up some money and go back for that octopus.

Saltbox Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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