Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Chili's Wilmington

I felt like wings for dinner and since Chili's had again sent me a coupon for a free app, so I headed out to Chili's in Wilmington that also happened to be on my way today. They weren't very busy at lunch time and I got a window table and could see Sonic across the street and they weren't very busy either. McDonald's that is next to Sonic had a steady stream of customers.

I decided to go with the new rib special, Baby Back Bonus ($10.99). "Half Rack of our smoked in-house ribs served with homestyle fries, your choice of sauce, side salad and a mini molten." Last time I had the ribs they were so bad I even forgot to take a picture but I'm brave and tried them again! Or I might just be stupid. The Fresco Salad with "Fresh spring mix topped with queso fresco. Served with honey-lime vinaigrette" wasn't bad at all and the dressing was pleasant. I liked the bitter greens that were in the salad.

Not sure why they call them homestyle fries, they are just fries but they had some seasoning on them and was cooked nicely. The ribs are supposed to be "SLOW-SMOKED over PECAN WOOD so they're fall off the bone TENDER with a BOLD and SAVORY flavor that's impossible to resist." They were tender and fall off the bone but lacked both smoke flavor and rub as you can see but the new Chipotle Honey BBQ sauce was really good and actually spicy. I must admit that they were a big improvement from my last try.

I took the Mini Molten Chocolate Cake to go. If this is the mini I would hate to see the big version. "Moist chocolate cake with a melted chocolate center topped with vanilla ice cream & a thin chocolate shell." Not sure what the third container is but I'll find out later today. It was a really tasty caramel sauce.
My free to go app was the Signature Wings ($9.99) Bone-in of course. Hand tossed in your choice of sauce, I picked the Creamy Jalapeno that is supposed to be HOT, not much hope for that to happen. Served with fresh celery & dipping sauce. 
Update: The wings were slightly hot and even after spending the afternoon in the box, they were still crispy on the outside and cooked perfectly, not dry at all.

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