Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Changsho Cambridge

I had an appointment in Cambridge, so I decided to pay another visit to Changsho in Cambridge. If it weren't for the parking situation, I would go here much more frequently. Not the cheapest lunch buffet but the quality of the items and the selection is excellent. This really is one of the best buffets around. They also replenish the dishes very frequently and before they are completely empty, so the food seems very fresh. Today I decided to take pictures of the food on the buffet instead of the food on my plate. Any thought about this approach?

One of the attractions is that they have proper Soup Dumplings on the buffet and there is also black vinegar and finely sliced ginger available so that you can eat them the right way. Very tasty little morsels and I had lots of them.

Another big draw is the Salt and Pepper Calamari that is perfectly fried and have hot peppers mixed in. Tentacles included, yeah! I would be happy with just these two dishes and would gladly pay the $12.95 for just them.

The pickled cabbage was crunchy and tart.

Perfectly cooked and super tasty green beans and I didn't really mind that they weren't perfectly cleaned. Looks like a boring dish, but it isn't.

Seafood Delight has some super tasty shrimp that was well seasoned, what a concept!

Chili Chicken was tender and there was chili's but it was just mildly spicy.

The shumai was tasty and tender and they also have a very tasty chili oil available, not super hot but very good.

The fried fish was of good quality and moist and flaky and perfectly cooked. 

Address 1712 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138 
Phone number (617) 547-6565


  1. I think buffet pictures are the way to go as more informative and entertaining with your individual narrative on selections.

  2. I agree. Buffet photos help a lot.

  3. The Great Wall in Bedford has a lunch and dinner buffet that's less expensive but also fresh. The buffet is restocked frequently and only a small amount is brought out. No soup dumplings though. :-(

    1. Thanks phred, the Great Wall is on my list.