Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Comella's Bedford

Comella's chain of restaurants seems to be opening locations everywhere these days so it was time to check them out and I headed out to the newly opened location in Bedford.

They are located in the newly renovated plaza where Whole Foods resides. Plenty of parking.

The inside was surprisingly pleasant even if the floor needed sweeping and the tables needed a dusting. I have peeked into a few ones and they didn't look nearly as nice as this one. They do have table service.

There was also a nice bar with plenty of bar or table seating.

I started with a Caesar Salad ($4.99). I have no idea why they serve the dressing on the side, it only makes sense for takeout. What's wrong with this picture? Right, where is the romaine lettuce? The dressing was very bland but the croutons were really tasty and light. There was just a light dusting of parmesan on top. 

After a personal pizza appeared and got sent back, I finally got the 16" Cheese Pizza ($5.99). The crust was very good, nice and thin and pretty tasty. Sauce and cheese were fine as well. This certainly beats Domino's et al cardboard pizzas. Despite being really busy the service was very good. I did see some of the pasta dishes at nearby tables and they looked like they come out of a bucket. Not very good looking at all. 

Address 158 Great Road Bedford, MA 01730 
Phone Number (781) 276-7911

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  1. They used to be located in Arlington. And I was incredibly sad to see them gone. The pasta looks like leftovers slopped together (sadly) - however, that is where they really shine. They'll mix lasagna with eggplant parmesan and somehow the sauce / textures / flavors all meld. I don't know how, but it works in the same way that dumping all the Chinese takeover from the night together into one bowl - makes the food taste better than the night before. I've never eaten their pizza. But if you can bring yourself to try a pasta dish, you might enjoy it. Some folks say the sauce is too sweet. - As for the cleanliness and being on point with orders you are spot on. It always looked like it needed a dusting whenever I went. The pasta combos though? Made me overlook other flaws. (Hope you don't hate it after all this rah rah.)

    1. Thanks for your well written comment.