Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Great Wall Bedford

My first choice for lunch today was closed for renovation with no notice on their website. What's the point of having a website if you are not using it? My backup choice was The Great Wall in Bedford that had been recommended to me, so I had high hopes.

They are located in a shopping plaza on the Great Road and must have been here for a while, look at the fading sign.

This was a big place with ample seating in a number of areas. It was actually darker in here than what the picture indicates.

Thye hostess was going to seat me in the darkness but I asked for a seat up here with the windows. "That section is closed" but seated me here anyway.

Fairly big buffet with desserts on the back wall. It was priced at $10.95. This picture captures the overall darkness of the place.

There was a choice of two soup and this is the H&S soup. It had some sharp heat but the sour part was strange as was the soup itself. Not a very pleasant soup but at least the mushrooms were fresh.

The chicken wings were probably the best thing on the buffet even if they had started to dry out. I snagged a few later that was fresh and they were even better. General Gau's chicken was more batter than chicken and what's the pineapple doing there? It was very sweet and lacked heat.

Pork with Stringbeans was pretty good but unfortunately, it was cold. The pork in the next picture was good with the onions but again a cold dish.

The Kung Pao Chicken lacked both chicken and heat. In my desperate search for something edible, I even tried the potstickers but even if the small filling was OK, the skin was really thick and doughy. I then went for the Crab Rangoons and much to my surprise, they were pretty good with a nice crisp wrapper and a pretty tasty filling. Most of the dishes that had the brown sauce really tasted pretty much the same. This was really your typical mall Chinese food and it didn't impress. 

Address 309 Great Rd, Bedford, MA 01730 
Phone number (781) 275-7007

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  1. Sorry to read that you had a disappointing visit. I've been going to the Great Wall for four or five years now and have never found a buffet item to be cold.