Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sichuan Taste Malden

I had such a good lunch at Sichuan Taste in Malden earlier this week that I decided to forego my normal Sunday lunch place and return here instead. You know that you are in the right place when you are the only Caucasian at a very busy lunch service.

Sliced Pork w. Minced Garlic ($7.95) said the menu. Despite the copious amount of garlic on top, it was just mildly garlicky since the garlic had been cooked in the very tasty chili oil. Look at the nice presentation with the tender belly rolled around some cucumbers and scallions. The chili oil wasn't as fierce as it looked but very tasty. This I could eat every day.

From the Hot Pot section, I picked Beef Brisket in Szechuan Sauce ($15.95). I think what I wanted, from looking at the picture on the takeout menu, was something from the Spicy Boiled Style section but the manager described that as cooked with some sauce but that's not what the picture depict. There was a small snafu in the kitchen, so I got a complimentary order of fried rice that was very good. The sauce was absolutely delicious but even if the beef, what there was of it, was very tender and tasty, there were too many inedible bits involved for me. An example shows up a six o'clock in the pot.

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