Saturday, October 15, 2016

Commune Kitchen Arlington

Commune Kitchen in Arlington have gotten accolades for their sandwiches and pizzas since they opened so guess what I'm having for lunch today?

They now have a few tables outside and despite it being a bit brisk today, there were customers dining outside.

Tartine Charcuterie (7.75). "chicken liver mousse, slice of pâté de campagne, blackberry preserve and sea salt. Served on thick cut grilled house bread". The chicken liver mousse was excellent but a bit thin on the right side. The pâté was true to its origins and really good. It's cooked at 62.5 degrees for two hours and then cooled down. The bread itself was very good but when you can hardly cut the crust with a serrated steak knife, it's too crusty for me.

Carnivore Pizza (14.50). "Red sauce, house meatball, house porchetta, 'roni, agrodolce and fresh basil." The crust on the bottom was nice and thin and the crust on the outside, while really big, was super light and tasty. All the topping was really delicious. A very good pizza and I'm looking forward to my dinner.

Address 203A Broadway, Arlington, MA 02574
Phone number (781) 777-2597

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