Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Porch Wakefield

The Porch in Wakefield is high on my list of favorite restaurants. Close by, easy parking and the people working here is super nice and the prices are, sort of, reasonable.

They recently added BBQ items and I decided to splurge on the Brisket Plate ($16) and I was glad that I did. The brisket was outstanding, tender with a good meaty flavor and there was a bit of fat left on and that made me happy. You need some fat left otherwise it tends to dry out. Mac & Cheese was, as always, excellent. The Collard Greens was a bit bland, I liked the older version better since it was more vinegary. Since the brisket was soo good, I have to go back and try the ribs. They also have about four or five BBQ sauces available.

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