Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ibasaw Malden

Things have changed a bit at Ibasaw in Malden. All of you have gotten the name now, right? The Lunch Buffet is still $12.95 (Mon-Thurs) for AYCE Sushi and Dim Sum, and you now can add Hot Pot for $3 more.

The clams in black beans sauce were really good today, not overcooked as they were on my last visit.

Cold chicken feet was very tasty even if the ratio between effort and edible bits are quite high.

The clams to the right are called baked seafood, and that's pretty accurate since they barely have any clams in them, mostly just the fake crab, but despite that, they are very savory.

Even if the salmon is fresh and very good, there's an enormous amount of cold and unseasoned rice in the Nigiri.

What used to be the Dim Sum section is now dedicated to the hot pot stuff. The good news is that all proteins are now available out here.

The Dim Sum now shares the space where the cooked items used to be so there was no Ribs in Black Bean sauce nor any Shrimp Parcels. Dim Sum without Ribs? I don't think so. I will give them some time to sort things out before my next visit especially since there were so few items that I was happy with today.


  1. Very timely post, as my friends and I are planning to go there for lunch tomorrow. I assume they count Friday lunch as "weekend" and is priced at $15. Do you think the hot pot option is worth it? Do they have sashimi options? If not, will they get upset if I leave the rice from the nigiri on my plate?


    1. Yes, Friday is now weekend with the higher price. +$3 for the hot pot isn't bad, lots of stuff available to add to the pot. I think they upcharge you for different broth options. No sashimi, and I don't think they will be happy if you make sashimi out of the nigiri.