Saturday, January 14, 2017

Taste of Siam Stoneham

I really like Taste of Siam in Stoneham, and they serve lunch on Saturdays. Again I was the only customer during lunch today.

I went with the lunch box ($8.95), and you get a Chicken and Noodle soup that today was loaded with both noodles and chicken and was tasty. I picked two Golden Triangles as my apps. Unfortunately, they were still cold in the middle.  I decided to order from the Healthy Corner, so I had to ask what made the dishes in that section healthy. First, the waitress said that it had vegetables, but so do the other dishes. Then she said, that they didn't have coconut milk and was stir fried. This makes more sense. I picked the Prik King with pork. "Sautéed with bell pepper, string beans, crushed peanut in prik king sauce". If there were any crushed peanuts included they completely eluded me. I ordered it three pepper spicy, and it was respectable spicy, enough to get a runny nose. The prik king sauce was delicious, and the whole dish was very enjoyable.

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