Monday, February 27, 2017

Madras Grill Chelmsford

Madras Grill in Chelmsford was recommended to me by a friend a while back, and I decided to make it my Monday Indian lunch this week.

They are located in a small strip mall, but so is everything in Chelmsford, it seems. I have seen this restaurant while going to Sichuan Palace that's almost next door.

The inside was nice and bright with good quality furniture.

Decent sized buffet for $10.95 during the week.

Condiments and a couple of dessert choices.

Fresh Naans are brought to the table, and they were properly brushed with clarified butter, but they were a bit dense. You also get a Dosa, plain with no filling. The dosa was crisp and tasty.

First trip to the buffet. There were two soups available, and my Rasam soup was hot and very delicious. Unfortunately, the rest of the food was stone cold. I did get here about 11:50 so I would recommend getting here later if you want warm, or at least lukewarm food. When the manager asked how the food was, I said it was all cold. He went and checked that the heat was on, and then said that I might have to stir the food. Sorry, that's your job, mine is to eat warm food. My second trip to the buffet a little bit later yielded a better result.

I really like an Egg Curry, and this one was very good and bordered on spicy. The eggs were way overcooked.

The vegetable Pakoras was pleasant, crispy and crunchy all the way through. I got seconds of this.

The dal with spinach (top) was very good. The vegetable khorma, their spelling, (bottom) didn't look very good but was really tasty. The overcooked green beans were also delicious and again, the dish bordered on spicy.

The egg curry was delicious and spicy. The crispy corn wheels I have never seen before, but they were delectable. The manager said that they were very common in India. I might be back for a later lunch in the future since all the dishes was very nicely seasoned and that's not common on a buffet.

Address 7 Summer Street, Unit 31, Chelmsford, MA 01824
Phone number (978) 330-5133

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