Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Temazcal Lynnfield

Taco Tuesday again so I headed out to Temazcal in Lynnfield to partake in some half-priced tacos.

I was curious to see if the flames would be visible and they are. Why don't they have a sign outside saying "Half Priced Tacos Today"?

I was going to have the Fish Tacos today, but then I spied this on the menu: Grilled Salmon Tacos (13). "Lettuce wrapped, jicama pineapple, orange agave". They had them on as a special a while back, and I really liked them. Two big pieces of moist salmon, perfectly grilled. The orange agave was a bit sweet but went well with the salmon. The black beans are excellent. What happened to the bean dip that comes with the warm chips? Pricing on Taco Tuesday is interesting. Last time I had the Asada Skirt Steak Tacos ($14) and was charged $7. Today I was charged $7.50. Go figure, but it's soo cheap that I don't care.

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  1. Hi, glad to see you still blogging away! Yard House has a good half price App deal too, from 4pm to 6 Also good lunches about 10 bucks at Jimmys Steerhouse in Saugus. Excellent salmon and baked stuffed fish. Have you been? Thanks! Chompie (from the old days at Chowhound)