Thursday, May 11, 2017

Go Chi Malden

Go Chi in Malden opened very recently in Malden Center. No website. They do mainly Dongbei cuisine so no beef and broccoli on the menu.

This used to be Harvest Hot Pot that I never visited. Free on street parking if you can find any. I have found that there is usually spaces on the one-way street before FuLoon.

The inside was clean and bright. There is a small dining room to the right. The staff was very friendly and happy to answer questions and took notes about the mistakes on the menu.

The first dish from the lunch menu was Shredded Potatoes with Chili and Vinegar (7.95). "In this dish, the potatoes are actually crunchy and full of flavor, because a lot of the starch has been rinsed away. Mild Spicy, with some drops of vinegar". It was a smallish portion, but very tasty and the potatoes were crunchy without tasting undercooked.

Next was the Pork and Sour Cabbage Stew (7.95). "So-called "Chinese Sauerbraten" is a staple of the Dongbei region, where the short growing season harsh winters made pickling a necessity. Pickled napa cabbage, pork ribs and seasoning-most notable star anise-percolate in a hearty broth. Soup is clear and tasty". This was one tasty dish, full of porky flavor and seasoning. The cabbage was just mildly sour and very tasty. The soup was not clear. This was two excellent dishes, and I'll be back for more.

Pork ribs it wasn't, and they will change the description to pork bones. No meat on the bones, but you get a straw so that you can eat the marrow.

I got to taste the backstrap since I asked what it was and it was not backstrap as I know it. My translation app comes up with "hot spicy beef ligament" and that seems right. 

Address 390 Main Street Malden, MA 02148
Phone 781-605-2558

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