Friday, June 16, 2017

Island Creek Oyster Bar Burlington

On my first visit to Island Creek Oyster Bar in Burlington, I noticed a few things on the menu that I liked to come back for.

They are located in the renovated The District with a big parking lot out back. It promptly filled up.

I got a nice high top in the back in the bar area. It got a bit noisy since the servers station was at my back. They were doing a brisk business at lunch.

Fried Ipswitch Clams ($15) with tartar sauce. It looked like a substantial amount of clams when it arrived until I discovered that the bottom was filled with French Fries. The French Fries was very good. The belly clams were lightly coated and pretty good, but they were a bit chewy, and when I mentioned that to my waiter he said: Yes, they can be a bit meaty. OK, I have never had fried clams before, so maybe he's right. Now I just have to try them somewhere else.
Update: Despite the waiters claim that this was bellies, I think this was just strips after having had belly clams elsewhere, and they were not "meaty" but slightly overcooked.

I also ordered Fluke Crudo ($12). "Nuoc cham, cilantro, grapefruit". Well, the cilantro didn't make it. The fish was very good, and I really liked it with the grapefruit. What should have been an appetizer was delivered at the same time as the clams, so it had to wait. Should I really have to specify the order in a restaurant like this?

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