Monday, July 24, 2017

Virsa De Punjab Bedford

For this week's Indian lunch, I decided to go back to Virsa De Punjab in Bedford since I haven't been back there for a while.

They opened just a year ago, and the food on the buffet has always been very well cooked and really well seasoned.

They have a good sized buffet ($11.95).

Freshly made garlic naan is delivered to the table. The Naan was very good, thin and almost crispy. I really like the thin version, it doesn't fill you up. The food was hot and the quality and seasoning is still top notch.The Tandoori Chicken was moist and had a hint of smoke from the tandoori oven. The Chicken Tikka was really flavorful despite being white meat. The Goat Curry was very tasty and had actual meat in it. So often it's just bones with very little meat. The chickpeas and the spinach were the winners, both were extremely well seasoned, and the spinach had a hint of heat. A chicken curry was also very good. I skipped a lot of the standard offerings and just picked what I hoped would be good stuff.

At about 12:30 they were almost full. Not really surprising, given the quality and seasoning of the food.

Address 347 Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730
Phone number (617) 275-1780

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