Friday, April 13, 2012

MuLan Waltham

MuLan in Waltham is my Friday lunch spot even if I have to pay a quarter for on-street parking which I hate but for this restaurant I make an exception. It's really a Taiwanese restaurant but is also doing some excellent Sichuan dishes. 

At lunch, an excellent Hot and Sour soup are served as soon as you sit down, sometimes even before that, the staff really hustles here. Not sure why you get peanuts but it's a good chopstick exercise! Pickled spicy cabbage is also a nice addition.

Today I had one of my favorite dishes, Fish Fillet with Spicy Bean sauce, not sure where the Spicy Bean part fit since it's basically a Chili sauce. Looks a bit fearsome but it's not, you can still taste the fish. 3 or 4 tables around me ordered the same dish and as you can see the portions are ample, at least for me with a European stomach. 

Kind of a slow Friday for them, this is at 12:30 and there is no line of people waiting for tables, but the 2 round tables up at the right (outside the picture) was filled.

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