Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tudo Na Brasa Woburn

Tudo Na Brasa (A Taste of Brazil) in Woburn is a nice family run Brazilian barbecue (churrasco) restaurant, one of three and the first one to open and the only one using charcoal and the only one with the original owners. This is a Churrasco restaurant so what do I get for my weekly Sunday lunch?

Fish! Lightly fried fish with a heap of excellent coated fries and a piece of Fried Chicken, some potato salad and a few pieces of pig cracklings taken from the bean salad. There is another gentleman there every Sunday that has a couple of the Rosemary infused Chicken Thighs and a heap of fries. Not a bad meal either.

Ambiance? We don't need no stinking ambiance! They took over the store next door a while ago and more than doubled the seating area and they also now have a liquor license. The BBQ? Everything pork and chicken are really good, salads etc. on the steam table is very good. If you get a first cut of meat it tends to be very salty and the meats aren't really top shelf quality. Overall this is a really nice place with good prices. The meal above? $5 including tax.

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  1. I love this place, but haven't tried the fish. Is it a special for Sunday?

    Thanks, Mary

  2. It might be, I know the stuff rotate on a daily basis.