Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top Garden Tewksbury

Top Garden in Tewksbury was GREAT, got sold to Kevin (Nice guy, really nice wife, good people) and the chef left with the previous owners. Kevin insisted that the old chef was still there but there was no denying that the food wasn't the same. They still had some dishes on the lunch menu that was OK and I have stopped by about once a week for takeout. Why takeout? Well if the place looks like this

and they don't turn on the heat in the winter, eating in isn't really an option. Called ahead for takeout today and when I got a strange voice on the phone I started to suspect that something was up. Ordered wonton soup, no, only hot and sour for takeout. Strange so I asked if there was new ownership and the guy confirmed that it was.

I must say the the Hot and Sour soup was really really good especially compared to Kevin's who wasn't really either hot or sour. They give you two complete chicken wings as an appetizer and as you can see, this is a meal in itself.

Main lunch was Bamboo Shots with Shredded Pork ordered spicy and that makes this fairly mundane dish into something special. I tried ordering as I did with Kevin "and add the peppers" that would add finely sliced Thai green chili's to the dish for yet another dimension but today it gave me red and green peppers since they had no idea what I wanted. Fair enough, and the dish was still really nice and I also really liked the fluffy rice.


  1. is this the same kevin that owns new tokyo in methuen?


  2. I wouldn't thinks so, this was such a small family run business and I don't think he had time or resources for something else. Kevin is a common Chinese name ;-)


  3. I too was a big fan until they plummeted with the new ownership. At least one of the chefs and one of the servers (woman who I thought was the owner) are now at Sichuan Palace in Chelmsford. Definitely worth a look if you were a fan of Top Garden in its heyday.