Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tre Monte' Woburn

Tre Monte' Woburn in downtown Woburn is a really nice family run place and it has been a favorite since they opened and when they expanded the bar and the kitchen it become even better. They put in a fryolator in the kitchen and then started serving Fried Calamari! I expected the lunch menu to be limited but most of the dinner menu is there plus about 10 sandwiches has been added. Most prices are in the $10 range or below. They only serve lunch Wednesday to Friday.

Starting off with some warm bread and flavored olive oil for dipping with some fresh grated cheese. Linen napkins and nice silverware is a given in a restaurant of this quality.

Fresh Clams with Linguine in a white wine and garlic broth was the most expensive item on the menu at $11.99 but worth every penny. Lunch at the expensive restaurants is generally a very good deal since you get the same quality food you would get at dinner but at a very reduced price. You might not get Anthony cooking in the kitchen but the sous-chefs are good enough.

The bar area is really nice and you also get a good view of Woburn center out the big window. Not that there is that much to see but...

The thought of the Day.
Again I watched someone trying to drive into a parking spot that required you to parallel park and people, IT DOESN'T WORK!


  1. Thanks for the review and good news. I love this place and so happy to know it's opened for lunch now.

  2. You are welcome. Not sure how long it will last. The waitress said it is slow, very slow at lunch.