Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Udupi Bhavan Lowell

Udupi Bhavan is a very nice South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Lowell, well, it's just a couple miles away from the big rotary in Chelmsford. The best way to get there at lunch time is to take Rte 4 at the rotary to 3A and then cut across to Middlesex St.

The have a very nice buffet at lunchtime, $8.95. Here we have Sambar soup, some fried apps, what looks like a samosa had a very different filling from the normal potato and pea filling. Above is a spicy Dosa, just potato filling but excellent.

From the buffet, Spicy Dal, Okra (Cooked right, delicious!), Some sort of Spinach and a delicious rice dish that I forgot the name of. 
I really like that they put a pitcher of water on your table so that you don't have to wait for refills.

The thought of the Day.
On the radio, in a lot of the ads for cars, you frequently hear "All Credit applications accepted". Doesn't mention anything about approved...

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