Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Asian Gourmet Concord

Asian Gourmet in Concord near the big rotary and the prison has been changing hands fairly frequently for a long time and I hope this will change now.

Current owner is Chef Lee with the family who took over the reins several months ago, and customers are reporting that the food is great. The new menu reads similarly to those at the chef's former restaurants, JoJo Tai Pei, and Formosa Taipei. Being a customer of Formosa Taipei in Lexington I was greeted with a "Nice to see you again" which was nice. They opened a place in Nashua (Formerly Osaka Teagarden) that didn't last long. Crummy little American Chinese lunch buffet, terrible interior but the good stuff of the menu was still very good.

Steamed Mini Juicy Pork Buns was reported as good as it gets from people in the know and they were in fact delicious, filled with pork goodness and a HOT soup. There is a number of ways to eat these, first one is dip the dumpling in the vinegar/ginger dipping sauce, put the whole thing in your mouth and bite down and you get an explosion of flavors and 3rd degree burns in your mouth. The wimpy way (my way) is to put the dumpling in the spoon, bite an opening and suck the soup out then add a bit of the vinegar and finish the dumpling in a couple of bites.

Second dish was Salt and Pepper Fried Bone-in Chicken and boy was that a good dish. People rave about this and they are absolutely right. Not greasy at all, juicy, crisp pieces of chicken served with basil and thinly sliced chilies. If not expertly prepared, bone in chicken pieces can have bone splinters all over the place and be a pain to eat, but not here. Very cleanly cut. Service was quick and courteous.

Interior hasn't changed much over the years but is still very nice. They also have a well hidden Menu (pdf) on their website.

Quickest way to get there for me is Rte 2 but I hate that road with a vengeance! On the other hand Rte 2A is a nice drive, hanging a right takes you through Concord center and another right further down the road gets you to Elm street and you are there.

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