Thursday, October 11, 2012

Priya Lowell

Priya in Lowell are just off the big Chelmsford rotary and is located downstairs in a nice bright room with an extensive buffet, advertised as containing 22 items on weekday and 27 on weekends.

Today wasn't too exciting, I must admit, an Onion and Cheese Roll! can be seen next to the Goat Curry. Tandoori Chicken was really good with a peppery rub and the Cabbage Carrot Porial was another really good dish. A bit spicy and with a good texture from the cabbage and carrots. Channa Chicken was OK. The Aloo Baignan (Potatoes and Eggplant) was bland and under seasoned. Second helping was Tandoori Chicken and more of the Cabbage with some Dal Tadka.

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