Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tenoch Medford

I wasn't going to post since I just had a couple Tostadas but they looked so good I went ahead anyway! And a few things have changed on the menu as well.

Left one is Chorizo, really nice, not too spicy but a nice flavor. The right one is with Adobo (Pork Guajillo). The Adobo filling was only available as a Taco special but have now been added to the fillings section. I was going to ask for this as a special today but obviously didn't need to. Amazing how things work out!

Adobo also has its own Torta as Torta Adobada and the Torta Campechana has moved from the specials to the menu board as well. I still think the Plato Mexicano with Chicken and Mole is the best deal especially with the refried beans. The fish plate is gone from the specials.

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