Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little Q Hot Pot Arlington

I haven't been back to Little Q Hot Pot in Arlington for a while and on this almost snowing day I thought it was an appropriate choice. They also raised the lunch prices by $2 so the $7.95 lunch is now $9.95 and that pushes it up into the expensive range for lunch.

They have a cute little logo of a ram on all their tableware. Nice touch!

Pickled cabbage and boiled peanuts give you something to snack on. The pickled cabbage has gotten a little bit spicier since my last visit but is still fairly mild.

Shandong Noodles, Prime Pork and a Veggie Basket are included in the lunch combo. You get Bok Choy, Corn, Mushroom, Tofu, Watercress and Spinach for your cooking pleasure.

Finally the BROTH! This is the Mala broth and while it's spicy enough it sadly lacks half of its name since it's missing the Sichuan Peppercorns that makes up the numbing part of the name. It's still very good especially at the end of the meal when it has reduced down by half. If you ask, you can get the leftover broth to go.

It's a nice place, a bit Spartan in the decor but pleasant enough. There are more tables around the corner towards the kitchen. No waitress today, the owner was working so I hope they are doing OK. This is a slow week so hopefully that's the reason.

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