Tuesday, February 12, 2013

La Posada Arlington

I had to go the Meat House in Arlington Heights before my Groupon expired, and since La Posada is just up the street in Arlington Heights it was convenient for lunch. I also wanted to see if the Dumpling House was ready to open and it looked almost ready with a finished interior and flowers in the windows. Can't wait despite that the parking around the center is terrible.

The salsa was very chunky with big bits of onion and tomatoes mixed in. The chips were OK but clearly not made today.

Sopa de Albondigas. Classic Mexican Meatball and Rice Soup Garnished with Totopos and Cheese said the menu. Also got a slice of avocado in there. This looked really good, but it was SALTY! Not really sure what the soup tasted like due to all the salt. There was some rice on the bottom of the bowl but it was very sparse and the meatballs didn't impress either. They were a bit too rubbery.

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