Saturday, February 2, 2013

Outback Steakhouse Burlington

Having found a buy one get one free lunch special I headed to the Outback Steakhouse in Burlington for some (now) reasonable priced takeout lunch.

I also had a free Blooming Onion coming thanks to filling out a survey after my last visit. I love this thing! And how about charging $7.29 for an onion! How brilliant is that?

This is a full-size Shrimp and Caesar Salad with about 10 small Shrimp, supposed to be fire-grilled but was pretty much devoid of grill marks. Cooked perfectly though. I must admit that I really like their Caesar dressing for some reason. Salad is always fresh, croutons are very tasty so not a bad meal. It might also be sort of healthy.

My other lunch was Prime Rib Dip Sandwich. Thin-sliced seared prime rib with grilled onions and Swiss cheese served with very tasty fries. The rib was a bit too well done for my taste but, on the other hand, I forgot to specify the temp when I ordered. The sandwich was overall very nice, the onions still had a bit of crunch and the dip was flavorful as well. Of course, dipping the sandwich in the dip made a holy mess of the sandwich, but a very tasty mess.

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