Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Udupi Bhavan Nashua NH

I was in Nashua today for my dental and decided to stop in and see how Udupi Bhavan in the Sun Plaza was doing. Was going to put a link in here to the website but the only site I found was the original site pointing to Udupi Bhavan in Lowell with no mentioning whatsoever of the Nashua location so I'm assuming that this place has new owners since I was last here in August. I also didn't recognize any of the staff but wrote that off to my long absence.

They have a fairly extensive vegetarian buffet and everything is clearly marked not that it helps much unless you are familiar with the Indian names of the dishes, and as it turns out, so much was misspelled that the labels didn't do much good after all.

Condiments and dessert and papads are also available. Some serious spicy chutney is also hiding here.

A Dosa is also included in the very reasonable priced buffet. The Sambar soup was really nice but had something green in it that was inedible, a tough and stringy fibrous thing, Dal Makhani was nicely spiced and thick and I really like the daal that way, it's not a soup. Next is Chalnice Frice. That's what the label said and I even took a picture but my googling turns up nothing even similar. This was potatoes fried with onions and pepper and coated with something, not sure what but this was an absolute delight! Spicy, potatoey and almost chewy, the winner dish of the day. Kasmir Biriyani (again, their spelling and they also forgot the s in Basmati rice) was a nice rice dish. Last dish is Ennai Katrikai and here they got the spelling almost right, this was a tangy eggplant dish and it was also quite good.

I must say that the filling in the Masala Dosa was a bit sparse but what was there was nice and spicy and the dosa itself was excellent.
I also noticed that the Gourmet Indian restaurant that opened about a year ago in the same plaza was already closed. It was the same owner who has an Indian restaurant in the Burlington Mall food court, that is, in fact, quite good.

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