Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Skewer's Wood Grill Tewksbury

I had business in this area so I decided to try Skewer's Wood Grill in Tewksbury for lunch today since they come recommended and seemed to have mostly positive reviews on the web.

Small place with counter ordering and then you pick up your food when they call your number or if you don't pay attention, they will bring the food to your table.

In a place called Skewers you have to try the skewers, right? Here's the lamb skewer from the "Create your own meal" section, one skewer and one side that comes with grilled pita bread & tzatziki and for my side I ordered roasted potatoes. The lamb was ordered medium and only the big piece of lamb had a trace of pink in the middle. The rest of the (previously frozen) lamb was just gray inside and was completely devoid of any char marks. The "Roasted" potatoes was just unseasoned steamed potatoes. I actually went up and asked if this really was the roasted potatoes and the chef said "Yes, we roast them in the oven" and then he showed me where they were kept. Naturally, on a steam table so any hope of crisp roasted potatoes went up in steam. I wanted to try the Gyro, but the spit only had a nub of meat on it and was not even turned on at lunchtime so I stayed away from it.

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