Friday, April 19, 2013

Sushi Island Wakefield

Having had some mediocre Sushi for a while, I decided to remedial that by visiting Sushi Island in Wakefield. Despite being in the sleepy suburban town of Wakefield, Sushi Island is probably one of the best sushi restaurants in the area, including Boston. Junji is the owner and head chef and is a very friendly guy with excellent English and he's happy to speak to you.

Interior is bright and clean with a long sushi bar. Chef Junji can be seen closest to the camera and there was also a female chef working behind the counter. It's a bit darker back where the table seating is.

I decided to really treat myself by starting with an order of Ankimo (steamed monk fish liver) and it was delicious! Reminiscent of foie gras but milder but very rich and creamy.

Lunch specials include Miso Soup. I'm not very fond of Miso soup but must admit that this one wasn't bad, really nice and rich broth.

Lunch special #2 Sushi Deluxe Assortment ~ Chef’s choice of 7 pieces of Nigiri and 1 California Roll. From the right we have ?tuna. mackerel, salmon, yellowfin tuna, tuna and striped bass. The roll was crab and avocado and there was also a shrimp nigiri. The quality of the fish was really fresh and the rice was at the right temperature and also had a hint of sweetness and a bit of acidity from the vinegar. As it should have, a smidgen of wasabi was underneath the fish. The pickled ginger was really nice and sharp and did a good job of cleansing the palate between the bites of fish. I have never liked mackerel, bad experience growing up, but this one was delicious. Another really delicious lunch and well worth the price.

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