Saturday, May 18, 2013

PHU KET Wakefield

Finally a nice day so I decided to go to PHU KET in Wakefield for a lunch al fresco. This made me realize why I don't like to sit outside, even on a nice day. The wind will always blow your hair in your face. The sun will promptly disappear behind a cloud. The food gets cold very quickly. Most tables outside is not level so your sauce/gravy will pool in a corner that always in the wrong direction. Your napkin will also make a quick getaway. Your photochromic glasses will go dark so it's really hard to read your book on the Nexus 7.

The patio is nice despite my grumblings above and at least my table was stable and it was sunny most of the time.

A couple of complimentary Crab Rangoons with applesauce made a surprise appearance today. A crispy wrapper with a nice filling, this was a nice treat. Not sure if the applesauce is the right condiment for the Rangoon.

Today's lunch was the Garlic & Clams with a couple good sized slices of tender pork. Everything was cooked nicely and with a really tasty flavor. What's better than pork and clams? Yes, there was garlic in the garlic and wine sauce! If you are really hungry, try asking for the $1 special when ordering from the lunch entree's.

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