Friday, June 28, 2013

Maki Maki Woburn

Went back to Maki Maki in Woburn for lunch today despite the not so stellar experience the last time but a friend wanted to try it and I was interested to see if anything had changed and I can happily report that a lot has changed and for the better.

Gone is the slip of paper you filled out and they now have a laminated menu and they will take your actual order. Gone is the self-service Nigiri and Maki and you order Nigiri and Maki off the menu and it's prepared to order. No more cold Nigiri out of the fridge.

Sorry for the bad focus, both pictures were bad. Shumai is still a mystery to me here but the Gyoza was fine and the shrimp tempura was fried perfectly and the batter was excellent.

This is Merry Christmas Roll ( tempura shrimp and spicy salmon on top) and Sexy Girl Roll (spicy tuna and spicy crab) both servings are 8 pieces so each piece in the picture is really two rolls side by side.

A better picture of each slice from above.

Here are three of the four choices for Nigiri, Red Snapper, Salmon and Tuna. Shrimp is also available. The tuna was cut very very thinly, but the quality of the fish was fine. The rice, albeit at the right temperature now, was still lacking seasoning.

Rainbow Roll, is a California roll (crab and avocado) with paper thin slices of fish on top. Price is now $13.99 per person and they will charge you $1 for each uneaten Nigiri/Maki.

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