Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bonchon Lowell

Bonchon in Lowell is hard to find, from the Drum Hill Rotary you have to go past the Ford Dealership and take your next right and they are on the left side. They just opened on August 15th so I waited a while before going for lunch today. Their other locations in Boston have gotten rave reviews.

I was expecting some fast food like place and was pleasantly surprised by the nice restaurant like interior. Obviously this was my first visit to any Bonchon.

They do have other Korean dishes, but the fried chicken is the star. They do have a lunch special, $7.95 for 8 wings and a side. There are other combos as well available at lunch. As you can see, the wings are small but my side of French Fries was a good sized portion of nicely cooked coated fries. I ordered the wings half & half, half with the ginger/soy coating and half spicy. The spicy wasn't very spicy and the ginger soy seemed to be mostly salt. The wings took about 5 minutes to arrive as opposed the stated 30-40 minutes so that was good, but they were on the verge of being dry but the coating was really nice, really really crisp. Service was very good, water refilled without prompting, but the place was almost empty with plenty of staff around. Overall not a bad lunch, not sure if I would have been happy waiting for 40 minutes for this.

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