Friday, December 27, 2013

99 Restaurant Woburn

Couldn't decide where to have lunch today but the 99 Restaurant in Woburn could be worked into today's excursion. I haven't been here in a year and there were some changes to the menu including an express lunch option.

Popcorn arrives as soon as you sit down. Not a bad idea to fill up the patrons so they think they got more food than what they do.

From the express lunch I selected a cup of soup, today's choices included jammin' crab, and that was my choice. The waitress said if you like spicy, you would like this. Well, it was mildly spicy with corn and peppers but if there was any crab in there it completely eluded me. They probably did this the 50/50 way, half a crab and half a bushel of corn. The meatloaf sandwich, lightly grilled according to the menu, was totally carbonized on the bottom and was the size of a meatball that someone stamped on. The crisp onion petals were OK after they got some salt added. The side of red wine sauce was surprisingly good. The Ciabatta bread was impossible to cut through with a knife even after soaking the bread in the sauce. Probably be another year before I try this place again. Service is always pleasant and prompt.

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