Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Capital Grille Burlington

New Years Eve lunch at the Capital Grille in Burlington. Not a place that I frequent too often, the dining room is really loud and I really dislike the servers ill-fitting jackets. The bar is a way better place to hang out.

It's a holiday so an Extra Extra dry Tanqueray Martini is in order. Big enough to overflow into a shot glass as it should be for that price. Excellent cut twist and the homemade chips are delicious.

Lobster and Crab burger with homemade tartar sauce and Parmesan and Truffle fries. The fries were excellent but was lacking the parm but had some truffle oil added. Truffle oil is now so exclusive that even Trader Joe's is selling it. The burger was excellent, lot's of crab without too much binders. The lobster part was mainly knuckle meat but delicious anyway.

The bar area is really nice, the bartender was really excellent and they have two waitresses (without the jackets) to cover the table service.
Two guys sat down next to me and ordered a bottle of wine, double order of the lamb lollipops, two orders of steak tartare, another bottle of wine and then a sliced NY strip and then I left! They also demolished two baskets of potato chips.

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