Friday, December 6, 2013

Wagamama Lynnfield

Wagamama in Lynnfield's Market Street complex is part of a chain that started in England and this is the fourth location in Mass. Casual pan-Asian food cooked fresh and served quickly.

Sleek exterior with lots of big windows.

Big open interior and I heard that they are known for their bench seating. I got a nice window table with a view of the shopping area. Not unexpected, but this place is loud.

Chili Squid was served with a nice dipping sauce and had a little bit of chili heat but wasn't really very spicy, the squid was cooked nicely. In the background, you can see the container of Shichimi, a seven flavor chili pepper mix and there was also light and normal soy sauce and a bottle of chili oil.

Duck gyoza with a somewhat sweet dipping sauce wasn't bad. The duck filling was really good, but the wrapper was slightly doughy not really sure why since it was just lightly fried. Regardless the whole combination tasted great!

I was told that the food was served as it was cooked, but I didn't expect the Chicken Katsu Curry to arrive 4 minutes after the starter got on the table. The curry was good, as expected it was a normal mild Japanese curry with lightly breaded chicken and a nice lightly dressed salad. I was expecting a bit heavier breading on a Katsu dish. The chicken was sliced thinly and was cooked well, still moist and tender. This was a big portion with lots of chicken so it was good value for the money. Apps runs in the $7+ range and mains in the $12+. The ramen dishes looked good and I have to be back and try them later. This was a lot of food and the waiter (who was really good) asked if I wanted the squid and curry leftovers to go and I, of course, said yes. Here is where things went a bit astray, turned out there were a small miss-communication and my leftovers got tossed. My waiter offered to either take them off the bill or have the kitchen refire them if I wanted to wait. I said I wait and said that if they refired two half orders that would be fine but he said they would do two full orders and I was really happy with that. Why do good things keep happening to me? The manager also stopped by and apologized for what happened. This was really no big deal for me since they handled the situation so well and they have only been open for a month. A+ for customer service.

Full disclosure. This was paid for by Wagamama, but all opinions are my own.

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