Thursday, December 5, 2013

La Carreta Nashua NH

Stopped by La Carreta in Nashua after one of my very infrequent visits to my dentist and much to my surprise it wasn't very busy. Did something change?

Interior is the same as always but with Xmas lights added.

Service is always very prompt and warm chips and salsa arrives promptly as does the water.

Today (and most of the times) I have the Lunch Special #4 Chile Relleno with a Beef Taco and Rice and Beans. The taco with ground beef is tasty and doesn't drip grease all over the place. The Chile Relleno is in my opinion the best one around, very thin and light batter then quickly deep fried and all the seeds have been removed. I really dislike it when the Chile isn't cleaned properly.

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