Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Zaika Indian Bistro Woburn

Zaika is an Urdu word that has many meanings, savory, tasty and flavorful and it seems appropriate after trying the lunch buffet at Zaika Indian Bistro in Woburn. This place has only been open for about a month but was doing a fair amount of business at lunchtime today.

This is a small place but the interior is nice. Stay away from the tables closest to the door, wicked cold draft when it opens.

They offer a buffet at lunchtime and that's all, no other lunch specials are available. Outside of the picture, there is a condiment area that also has some salad items. The tamarind chutney I had with my Samosa was excellent. They also offer hot tea with the buffet.

You get linen napkins! Tandoori Chicken was moist but could have spent some more time in the marinade and was lacking the tandoori char. Rice was good and the dry vegetable mix was really good, tasty and with crunchy veggies, Chickpeas was cooked well in a tasty gravy and I really liked the Chili Chicken, it had a good kick to it. The potato and pea Samosa was fine. There were a few more dishes available that I skipped and also dessert.

Naan is included and cooked to order, you can choose between plain naan and garlic naan. It could have been cooked a bit longer but had plenty of garlic. Service was very friendly and overall this was a nice lunch.

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