Thursday, December 12, 2013

Zaika Indian Bistro Woburn

Decided to pay Zaika Indian Bistro in Woburn another visit for lunch and see what the takeout buffet options looked like. You need to be lucky to find close parking since they are located on the main street in Woburn. There is always free parking behind Tre Monte up on the hill. Of course, I got lucky and found a spot just outside the restaurant.

You get a smallish takeout container and two plastic containers and a freshly cooked Naan. At the bottom left was a chicken curry with mustard, new to me, but very tasty. The daal to the right was also nicely spiced.

Aloo Pakora (spicy potato cakes) was big and really flavorful, and then there was a chicken dish that I forgot the name of but it was chicken cooked in the tandoori, I think, also very flavorful. The big heap of chicken to the right is the Chili Chicken, also really good. Unfortunately, the Naan was again slightly undercooked and doughy. Got enough food for dinner as well.

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