Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Border Cafe Burlington

I was going to Bobby Flay's Burger Palace in the Burlington Mall but after reading so many crappy reviews I decided to go to Border Cafe in Burlington instead. The burger and fries would have run me $11+ and for that kind of money I prefer a sit-down place that offers table service and decent food.

The food here is always very consistent and the chips are made fresh and the salsa is OK. The big water-glass is a plus for me.

Catfish New Orleans is a large fresh fillet of catfish, royally seasoned, deep fried with a shrimp and basil cream sauce. One of my favorites here and this time ordered with the jambalaya. The fish was piping hot, but the jambalaya was, unfortunately, cold. The fish was cooked well, crisp on the outside, but very moist inside. Still an excellent dish, but also one of the most expensive on the menu.

Big place and it also gets very, very loud when it fills up and they are really busy at lunchtime but they have ample parking so that's never a problem. This is another reason I skipped the mall.

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