Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sakura Organic Wakefield

Sakura Organic in Wakefield opened recently in the spot vacated by Sushi Island. The interior is very modern and sleek with the sushi bar in the same place but completely redone. They have a very short lunch menu, but I decided to try them anyway. Very friendly manager/owner? and he showed me around. They have a function room in the back and also free WiFi.

Very nice looking inside, two big TV's behind the sushi bar. There were two chefs working with the junior chef doing all the work..

Lunch comes with Miso soup, not a favorite of mine, and a small salad that had a nice dressing on it. I like that they put the bottle of soy sauce out so you can see what you are getting. It was, of course, organic.

I must confess to finding the menu a bit confusing. Lunch Sashimi was marked as coming with organic rice, but it was explained that it was served on the side. The other option was Sushi. Turns out that this is really Nigiri as can be seen in the picture, but it also had a Maki roll included so maybe Sushi is the correct name here. The fish was very fresh and the Maki had a good amount of tuna in the roll. I'll be back to try some more lunch dishes. How come no sushi place put wasabi underneath the fish anymore? When did that stop?

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