Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pennypacker's Somerville

The have operated two food trucks but now Pennypacker's has a B&M store in Somerville unfortunately in Magoun Square where parking during the week can be tricky but it's usually easier on a weekend and I had no problem finding a space when I went for lunch today.

Small space with only a few tables but it was nice and bright inside with an open kitchen.

The menu changes daily and they post the menu on Facebook every day but there is one thing that's constant and that's the Porchetta Sandwich. Today it was Porchetta Agrodolce and this was some sandwich! Tender pork belly rolled up and slow roasted with a very nice sauce on fresh french bread and it had the proper crackling included. This was soo good, people have complained about it being salty but this was perfectly seasoned. My glass of water was served in a nice blue Mason jar with ice. The picture doesn't make the sandwich justice, it was so much better than what it looks like here.

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